Client Relations

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Darby, Receptionist

Darby was born and raised in Michigan. She's been married for over 35 years, has 2 grown children and grandbaby #1 has just arrived! Darby has a variety of pets including: 3 dogs, 2 doves, bunny, turtle, goldfish, cat and she also raises Ringneck pheasants.  She loves to go to their cabin in Barton City, MI and ride her 4-wheeler. She has been working at Euclid Vet since August, 2003.


Brittney, Receptionist

Brittney grew up in Auburn. Growing up, she had animals of all kinds and was always trying to convince her Mom to let her take in whatever critter she found that was in need of a loving home.  Brittney currently has a cat Rocky, who is a Maine Coon Mix.  She also has Loki, who is  an American Bulldog/Pug Mix. They are the best of brothers, and Brittney's daughter’s two best friends!  In her downtime, Brittney enjoys heading to the Dirt Track and watching the races!