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Client Relations

Darby Perkins_edited.jpg

Darby, Receptionist

Darby was born and raised in Michigan. She's been married for over 35 years, has 2 grown children and grandbaby #1 has just arrived! Darby has a variety of pets including: 3 dogs, 2 doves, bunny, turtle, goldfish, cat and she also raises Ringneck pheasants.  She loves to go to their cabin in Barton City, MI and ride her 4-wheeler. She has been working at Euclid Vet since August, 2003.


Mary, Receptionist

Mary has a background in human nursing, home healthcare office management, and 15 years of telecommunications experience with the phone company.  She has decided to join the Euclid Vet team to best utilize her experiences to help our practice’s clients and pets.  Mary has a German Shepard Dog named Aurora.  She is 13 and Mary still treats her like a baby!  Other than spoiling Aurora, Mary and her husband love to spend time on their boat during beautiful Michigan summers.

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